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It is where the hot new authors emerge and where the beloved giants of the field continue to publish.Now, building on the success of the first seven volumes, Eos will once again present a collection of the best stories of the year in mass market format. Hartwell, one of the most respected editors in the field, are stories with visions of tomorrow and yesterday, of the strange and the familiar, of the unknown and the unknowable.

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We found some excellent science fiction, particularly from editor Ellen Datlow’s Sci Fiction site, now the highest-paying market in the genre for short fiction, although both the others were of quite high quality in general.

We offer stories from them in this book for perhaps the first time in print.

We have a high regard for horror, fantasy, speculative fiction, and slipstream, and postmodern literature. Hartwell) edit the in paperback from Eos as a companion volume to this one—look for it if you enjoy short fantasy fiction, too. We try to represent the varieties of tones and voices and attitudes that keep the genre vigorous and responsive to the changing realities out of which it emerges, in science and daily life. The stories that follow show, and the story notes point o a magazine that published a large number of especially good stories this year.

It is a madly jolly, near-future love story, in which the machete of satire is wielded against the advent and spread of intrusion into the private lives of citizens in the name of homeland security.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

So we repeat, for readers new to this series, the usual disclaimer: This selection of science fiction stories represents the best that was published during the year 2002.

It would take two or three more volumes of this size to include nearly all of the best short stories—though even then, not all of the best novellas.

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