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Naturally, I will miss Anthony, who besides being a one-man sass factory is actually an intriguing designer.

(Let’s put it this way: Could anyone else get away with describing their garment as a “onesie palazzo-pant jumper”?

Other than her cheesy dance moves in the opening sequence*, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look anything but intense and irritated, (usually at her fellow PR sisters, who she views as being less serious and competitive than her). While Isaac Mizrahi tried to turn a compliment on Mondo’s fresh perspective against him, the judges were still bowled over by his look.

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All this needing has made her appear, well, pretty needy. While I am not painting her as a feminist figure (far from it), Kenley does appear to be disliked specifically because she’s vocal and confident, two qualities frequently thrown back in the face of women who possess them. Austin’s design was praised for it’s girlishness and drama, two qualities that he features so regularly that they have almost become weaknesses in my eyes.

On top of that, she is also depicted as the most easily distressed of the three. Lastly, Mila has without a doubt been cast as the cold, career-driven ice queen. While Rami has shied away from his well-known Grecian gowns since the start of All Stars, his look was still described as well-constructed and sophisticated, words he has heard throughout his career. He FINALLY won doing what every good PR fan knows he excels at: colorful tailoring with unexpected details (typically either in the form of a loud print, an odd construction feature, or both).

) The fact that his elimination came on a technicality and that Jerell’s monstrosity (Anthony: “Someone looks like they’re Coming to America!

”) made it through was made even more enraging, to me, anyway, by the fact that Anthony was so lovably even-keeled about his departure.

(That plan is working.) Because unless the challenge was “Figure out a way to make a slutty Marjory the Trash Heap from It’s one thing to continue to reward Michael for his beyond-boring draping techniques (we saw last night why he sticks to them—his “Very Sarah Jessica Parker in 1990, 1992. ” look managed to be both wildly inappropriate and dowdy at the same time), but Jerrell didn’t even have enough of a garment to drape. I can imagine Anthony shining in all kinds of trumped-up-fashion-emergency scenarios, but my first pick would be a show called , where Anthony and his co-host Jerrell (I might not like Jerrell’s outfits but he and Anthony are both quick-witted and charming in ways I think would work well together) must design clothing for cute, clueless gay men in an outdoor setting, then put on an impromptu runway show that turns into the Other things I’d like to see Anthony do now: Host a show about animals (a dog fashion show series? ), host a show where he does a lot of traveling to far-off lands (Anthony and Anthony in ), do voiceovers for serious products like cars and life insurance (he has a great voice, and those ads could use a little levity and some clever catchphrases).

Yet Georgina Chapman was right there, complimenting the rag pieces Jerrell’s model was forced to walk in and confusing the shit out of me. Assorted thoughts: Rami clearly has skills, but his outfit from last night’s runway looked eerily similar to one I myself wore in a family photo circa 1992.

Because there are three of us Project Runway lovers, and because we’re assuming you watched the show too, instead of straight recaps for this series we’re picking and choosing the parts we want to talk about most each week.

First though, the episode stats: The Winner: Mondo!

Anthony’s one-man scavenger hunt, for instance, seemed to violate not only the spirit of the challenge, but also the muse rules.

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