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Themes are the way to go if your site's layouts differ only in the images displayed and by their CSS rules.

If the layouts differ more substantially, such as using different Web controls or having a radically different layout, then you will need to use separate master pages.

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At the start of the Pre Init stage the in Visual Studio and navigate to the Designer you'll see the message, "Master Page error: The page has controls that require a Master Page reference, but none is specified" (see Figure 2).

In short, you need to leave the Attribute to Render the Design View (Click to view full-size image) Because a content page's master page can be set programmatically at runtime it's possible to dynamically load a particular master page based on some external criteria.

This step focuses on creating and configuring the new master page.

Step 4 looks at determining what master page to use at runtime.

At runtime, when a visitor is viewing a user's blog, the web application would need to determine the blog's layout and dynamically associate the corresponding master page with the content page.

Let's examine how to dynamically load a master page at runtime based on some external criteria.

Learn more about these two project models and how the project model affects deployment. Server-side support files include those that are used to process a request on the server-side.

This includes configuration files, web services, class files, Typed Data Sets, and LINQ to SQL files, among others.

Our website currently contains just one master page ().

We need another master page to illustrate choosing a master page at runtime.

This fusion creates a single control hierarchy that can then proceed through the typical page lifecycle. Step 1 in Figure 1 shows the initial content and master page control hierarchies.

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