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This functionality can be useful in situations where the site's layout needs to vary based on the user.

For instance, a blog engine web application may allow its users to choose a layout for their blog, where each layout is associated with a different master page.

An exception is thrown if a Content control that references a non-existent Content Place Holder is found.

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This step focuses on creating and configuring the new master page.

Step 4 looks at determining what master page to use at runtime.

This fusion creates a single control hierarchy that can then proceed through the typical page lifecycle. Step 1 in Figure 1 shows the initial content and master page control hierarchies.

At the tail end of the Pre Init stage the Content controls in the page are added to the corresponding Content Place Holders in the master page (Step 2).

What files need to be deployed from the development environment to the production environment depends in part on whether the ASP. NET web page markup and code and client- and server-side support files.

NET application was built using the Web Site Model or Web Application Model. NET-related files from the development environment to the production environment. Client-side support files are those files referenced by your web pages and sent directly to the browser - images, CSS files and Java Script files, for example. This property can also be used to programmatically specify the content page's master page.This approach is useful if you want to dynamically assign the master page based on external factors, such as the user visiting the page.Consult the Further Reading section at the end of this tutorial for more information on Themes.class checks to ensure that every Content control in the content page references a Content Place Holder in the master page.At the start of the Pre Init stage the in Visual Studio and navigate to the Designer you'll see the message, "Master Page error: The page has controls that require a Master Page reference, but none is specified" (see Figure 2).

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