Arthur rogers dating friends relationship

At one level, this may seem a bit far-fetched and outdated.

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And although the percentage of people who interracially marry is increasing, only 12% of all new marriages in 2013 were interracial.

So even though we’ve come quite far in our willingness to cross racial lines in marriage and dating, as a whole most of us still marry and date in pretty racially segregated ways.

Of course, there are couples who fit more than one of these categories, but in the interest of clarity and attention to each type relationship here, we’ll focus on them separately.

First, consider the 87% interracial marriage approval statistic we just saw.

On the surface, this number seems to tell us that nearly everyone is wholeheartedly in favor of it.

But do these poll results truly reflect a virtually universal embrace of interracial romantic relationships and marriage?

Unquestionably, society has marched forward in its attitudes toward relationships.

But does this mean that relationships that don’t quite fit the conventional mold of opposite-sex, matched-age, monoracial couples don’t endure prejudice and discrimination compared to more typical unions? Such couples are still more apt to face unfavorable attitudes, to feel less accepted, and to experience dismissive or demeaning treatment.

And among couples who do cross racial lines, they face challenges that monoracial couples generally do not have to consider.

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