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We also hope to form dialogue and explore specific pertinent topics that inspire or beset the contemporary world. ( contributors, Dorothy Chan, Abel Han and Chris Song, will each introduce and read four excepts of their choosing pertaining to Hong Kong.

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Around the world, 52 percent of the people talking about the film are women, though more men interact with content like video with higher frequency.

The largest demo buzzing about the new film is 18-34 year-olds.

Facebook has unleashed a round of data analyzing conversations about “Star Wars” just three days before the J. Abrams-directed “The Force Awakens” hits theaters this Friday.

53 million users have generated 126 million interactions (including likes, comments and shares) surrounding the franchise, according to numbers released by the platform.

Nykomlingen XC40 har onekligen charmat svenskarna, fortsätter hon.

- Försäljningen hittills i år har också gått vår väg.

The leader will notify those registered if weather or other circumstances force a change in plans.

Participate in the survey for US-Expats and help us raise .500 to help homeless people in the USA!

Fyrhjulsdriften kommer man att lösa genom att placera en elmotor bak, men det dröjer till nästa år och gäller inte alla modeller.

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