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In "School Play", Lila's the last girl Helga has to get to drop out of the play so she can be Juliet and have an excuse to kiss Arnold, who's playing Romeo, in the final scene.

All of Helga's attempts to get Lila to drop out fail, but Lila reveals that she knows why Helga wants the part of Juliet so badly---and admits that she's always sort of suspected that Helga had a crush on Arnold.

Helga appears to excel academically in literature classes as evidenced by Mr.

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Helga's jealousy of Lila worsens when Olga "adopts" Lila in a "big sisters" program in the episode "Big Sis".

Lila's one of the few characters to know about Helga's romantic feelings for Arnold.

This emotional extremity is a running joke throughout the series; although Helga is seen as a "tough girl" by her classmates, she is frequently the first to go into hysterics in times of crisis.

She has also been known to be somewhat materialistic.

However, Helga also has a much softer side, which becomes apparent when she is alone and involved in her school work.

She is very emotional, poetic, sometimes caring, and as such, able to comprehend a spectrum of emotions such as love and hate.

Some more specific examples of Helga interacting with other kids are: Harold in "Buses, Bikes, and Subways" and Gerald in Hey Arnold! Though it's apparent that he is in love with Helga, she never returns the feelings as mutual; on scant occasions, she has kissed him due to something going right for her.

Usually every encounter with Brainy has Helga punching him between the eyes, which became a running gag for the series — indeed, in one episode in which Helga believed she had lost contact with her emotions and simply responded casually to Brainy and left, he became nervous and ended up punching himself.

But after the episode Helga On The Couch the whole punching Brainy in the face had to stop due to the fact that Dr.

Bliss caught Helga punching him after he was knocked out on the floor. : The Jungle Movie Helga did hit Brainy but it was only once.

At one point, Lila helps Helga to act more kindly towards others when Helga decides that she needs to be more "Lila-like" in order for Arnold to return her affections.

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