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All that is left now are the outlines of the ground-level foundations, and some walled-off alcoves further up the cliff face (Photo 8).The walls of Montezuma Castle are built of fieldstones held together with a mortar of mud and clay.

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Need some change and a shift in a different direction.

I do like quiet time indoors watching movies and sports.

Montezuma Castle National Monument is located about 50 miles south of Flagstaff, only two miles east of I-17.

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"Fieldstones" are rocks that have not been worked, or that have been worked only to the extent that they may have been broken from larger pieces, or had some inconvenient nubs lopped off to make them fit more closely.

Interior and exterior walls are covered with a layer of mud "plaster" about an inch thick, to produce a relatively smooth surface and protect the load-bearing components from weathering.

Constructed in a series of terraces up against the face of the cliff, it was not as well protected from the elements as the Castle.

There is also evidence that the structure was razed by fire sometime near the end of its occupation.

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