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It would be downright absurd to assume that women in this society are treated as sexual objects only because the media releases or broadcasts pornographic material.A magazine associated with makeup and skin care, for example, will quite obviously not be concentrating on much else.

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The answer to the question may be more complicated, however, what remains obvious is that the media does not portray women as only being able to fill male sexual desires.

To say that pictures featuring nudity, etc., are making objects out of women is foolish.

Having said this, why is it then, that many in society still believe otherwise; why do they continue to believe that pornography is”evil” and is a major cause for violence against women, specifically rape?

There are many reasons for this misinterpretation and through the following few points, an attempt will be made to show that pornography has very little to almost no correlation with violence against women (of course nothing is “absolute” in society).

The underlining concept to be debated here is that society has been negatively influenced, specifically, by these images of pornography and the result is increased violence against women.

This assumption, and it is indeed only an assumption, is completely fallacious, however, as no concrete and completely conclusive evidence has ever been formulated in support of the theory.

These same feelings of shame are the chief reasons that sex is considered a personal and private matter.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, the mass media did not create these settings; society creates this image.

Many complaints are also made to the effect that pornography only offers a one dimensional view to life; that women are seen as nymphomaniacs who are hysterically addicted to sex.

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