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Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game.

We've just implemented a new version of our old forum ranks!

The new "Idle Villager" rank has some slightly limited abilities here in the forums, and they cannot post discussions or do things like post links or set a signature on their posts.

It is still one of the most anticipated mods for Age of Empires III in the whole world.

Hey everybody, it's just been a week since the last release of NE 2.1.7, which provided Mac users for the first time with an installer and did rebalance and update a couple of civs too (i.e. Due to a major visual bug (caused by bad file packing) we decided to quickly re-release a fixed version (and not a patch).

When you have commented 3 times you'll reach the rank of "Scout Cavalry" and gain all the usual posting abilities!

This is to help combat spam, and should not affect most of you, as you have likely already posted more than 5 times and have a higher rank:) Check out the list of ranks here:

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

Ahh, i forgot, In some sea maps, like Carolina, there's a home city navy point which receive ships from HC Cards, like fishing ship, caravel, galleon, ...

The PID is listed in the bottom of the screen that appears.

Connections to ESO require legitimate game licenses.

NE 2.1.7b will stabilize the recently released NE 2.1.7.

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