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We’re told that anyone working with Rob on location has to sign confidentiality agreements with regard to his personal life. From Gossip Cop: Gossip Cop couldn’t pass up on pointing out how ridiculous this “Robert Pattinson Is Engaged! While the blog Allie is Wired reports as fact that Robert Pattinson is engaged, and goes to lengths to say he hasn’t proposed to Kristen Stewart or “any of his co-stars,” the item is missing one teensy weensy detail — to whom?!

LONDON - Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson has denied rumours of dating ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart and insists that he is single and on the lookout for a new girlfriend. Pattinson, who played a vampire in the ‘Twilight’ series, admitted that his main motivation to win the role was getting to know the actress. Why do you Rag mags and half as* blogs need to RECYCLE old quotes from like 2 years ago? Your “bit” is a cobbled together bunch of crap from old interviews. people like you are the reson they won’t come out and state the very obvious.

hottie Robert Pattinson at the Oxford train station around P. on Friday, catching a train to London with a tallish, pretty, brown/blonde-hairl girl.

"They definitely looked like they were going out," a source tells us.

But the success of the first two instalments in the franchise – Twilight, which came out in 2008, and New Moon, which was released last November – has engendered its own set of problems, not least on the set of his first post-Twilight movie, Remember Me.

'Honestly,’ begins Pattinson when we meet up in a hotel in London, 'shooting Remember Me was really difficult.

Here's the original article from Allie Is Wired (recently removed btw): We’ve just heard from a very reliable source that we are the first news source to report Robert Pattinson’s engagement, and it’s true!

Our source laughed at the mention of Rob dating Kristen Stewart or Emilie De Ravin and said that it’s completely untrue. The phenomenally successful teen vampire franchise, Twilight, has sunk its teeth into a hungry fan base and transformed Pattinson from a bumbling Harry Potter supporting cast-member into one of the most desirable men on the planet (or 'the Most Handsome Man in the World’, as he was dubbed by Vanity Fair).It’s earned him millions, made British-born Pattinson the most sought-after young actor in Hollywood, and furnished him with a superstar girlfriend, his co-star in the vampire films, Kristen Stewart.Robert and Kristen are denying rumours of their relationship, but obviously there is something going on.Robert's aunt Diana Nutley said Kristen is a bad choice for Robert, the rest of his family want him to end their relationship. Not this one Craziest Twilight/Robert Pattinson Rumor of the Week – Maybe Decade Gossip Cop has an article on the latest ridiculous rumor making the way onto the internet, that's Rob's engaged to some mystery girl.

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