Anna 26 dating kiev

Nobody knows nothing about the glory and famous history of their outstanding place. In all offices and shops there is a terrible smell of decomposition and ruining. Lohansk in Russian sounds by ear very much like Lugansk.Sounds 'g' and 'h' in Ukrainian sound the same, and o-u when not stressed sound very much alike too. This is the place of many professional Internet scammers, dozens of girls who live on American money.

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For example: who the real author was, his/her identity, registered address, current location, etc.

We operate with other reference information, concerning relocation of person. It is too young to develop a good legislative and judicial working system. Some people and companies (luckily not all) can do whatever for money. Of course, economically-motivated crimes in business sphere are on the rise, with foreign investors and businessmen frequently targeted by various criminal elements.

We consider also classified investigations concerning family records, genealogy, background investigations.

We cooperate and have connection with other genealogists, private detectives, detective agencies, investigators, spy, telephone companies.

Lugansk (Luhansk) is a typical representative of Ukrainian provincial towns, remote from Kiev-the-capital.

820 km away from Kiev, it opened to be rather big (400 thousand inhabitans), something awful, just what we call a 'hole'. Terribly uncosy, not friendly, dirty, tatty and absolutely shabby. Locals seemed so lazy, dense and stupid, nobody knows nothing about their own town, no population quantity, no street names and building numbers. Locals call it Lohansk It is from Russian slang "loh" [lo:h] - a stupid one, someone who is being easily scammed.

They are specialized in tracing and detection of a women in dating agencies, quest, inquiry.

We operate with other reference information, concerning relocation of person.

Then, both you and our company will discuss possible resources You have the person's letters/messages/Emails to you.

In many cases (it depends on the situation) it allows us to find out much necessary information by means of only the content of those letters.

Use our search for people and locate missing persons as well (with limitation up 5 years).

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