updating ad from sharepoint - An error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016

Many people never make exceptions so ending a never-ending appointment is not always a problem - its only a problem if you either add notes to occurrences rather than the series (which many people do when they make notes about a meeting) or move an occurrence to a new date and need a record of these dates.

I have meetings that run every week on the same day, and usually at the same time.

an error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016-74

Using a macro to create the individual events can save you a couple of steps.

Get the macro code from Copy Recurring Appointment Series to Appointments While you can skip the first step, if you do so, you'll need to delete all the other appointments before importing.

I have no idea why Microsoft didn't add warnings about recurring events at the time users create them, because it could save users a lot of headaches.

Although I'm sure many users would ignore the warning anyway...

I have several months worth that I've been working like this. However, modifying the recurrence pattern to stop on any given day resets ALL events in the past back to the default. There has got to be a way to cancel these events and not lose that information.

Yes, there is one way to end the occurrences and not lose the information in the past events: Export to CSV or Excel format and import.

You can use VBA to convert a series to individual appointments.

See Copy Recurring Appointment Series to Appointments for the code.

Select "Comma separated values", browse to the file you created before, select it, and finish the wizard, specifying your main Calendar as the destination.

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