An error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016

You can use VBA to convert a series to individual appointments.See Copy Recurring Appointment Series to Appointments for the code.

an error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016-86

I have a reoccurring appointment that was created with “No end date” years ago.

There have been many times when meetings got moved around due to vacations or scheduling conflicts.

To avoid problems in the future, set end dates and do not create recurring appointments longer than 1 year.

If you are editing every single event (so the entire series is basically all exceptions) you should be copying the occurrences and converting them to individual appointments as you work as too many exceptions can lead to corruption.

Outlook 2010 copies and pastes the series, so you need to right click, drag and copy to create a single event.

You may need to drag the appointment to a different day or time slot, then drag it to the correct time slot.

If you need to cancel future events and keep the exceptions or history intact you can Export to Excel or CSV format then Import back into Outlook.

Exporting breaks the recurring event into individual appointments, preserving date changes and any notes added to individual dates.

Select "Comma separated values", browse to the file you created before, select it, and finish the wizard, specifying your main Calendar as the destination.

The events will be added to your calendar as individual items and include all the exceptions.

Many people never make exceptions so ending a never-ending appointment is not always a problem - its only a problem if you either add notes to occurrences rather than the series (which many people do when they make notes about a meeting) or move an occurrence to a new date and need a record of these dates.

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