American woman dating an egyptian man

The two of us have so many common jokes and clichés that we use to make fun of guys or being naughty in general.

We talked about so many things, among them was marrying an Egyptian or a western. It is all about the person himself regardless, but in my subconscious I am so aware of my Egyptian culture that of course includes men.

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." Last night, I had this interesting conversation with one my girlfriends in Cairo. It is always nice to catch up with her about our girly and non-girly news despite the distance.

In so many cases, Egyptian men marry because they found “the suitable” wife.

It is the easiest recipe for marriage failure or he marries a woman because he has a crush on her or just being infatuated by her but not because he experienced true love.

I do not know why we had to go through this topic but we did. My friend believes that marrying a western guy is salvage from some many pains. She told me no matter how he pretends to be liberal or progressive he is, there is a point when he starts to talk in this language “you know what this shirt is a bit open”, “I think your skirt is a bit short”, “I believe your wearing too much make up, there is no need for make up”, “do you have to waste all this time styling your hair every time we go out”.

She believes that I became so neutral because I do not live in Cairo and that I forgot about all the vices of Egyptian men and that she will take the opportunity to wake me up and remind me again of the reality. Ok here are some of what we went through and tried to compare it to western guys.

Saturday July 1, 2017 WOE Team The number of Egyptian women marrying foreign men of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds is increasing, defying the social customs and traditions.

In the cyber age, love is no longer restrained by geographical boundaries.

Frustration to achieve a successful marriage relationship ends up with so many problems.

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