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The reason for the break up was their busy schedule (earlier it was also stated that they grew distant) which is after the hating fans the typical excuse.According to their statements they wanted to remain "good friends" like before.The other meaning, initially promoted by SM Entertainment, explains that the f represents "flower" while the x signifies the female's double x chromosome in conclusion meaning flower girls.

Victoria: She was browsing her instagram recommended page, when she noticed a picture with you in it. Y/N rumored to be dating EXO member Kim Junmyeon, she read to title twice and she started giggling by herself.

She muttered and reached for the phone, going through the texts.

In August 2015, it was confirmed that SM Entertainment would follow Sulli's wish to leave the group to focus on her acting career.

Earlier there were many scandals like her dating Dynamic Duo's Choiza, an older male with a rough image which clashed with the innocent character she portrayed (more about the scandal) and she started receiving hateful and sexual comments ever since 2013.

Along with the literal meaning of "me" and "you" implying f(x)'s love for their fans and conversely, it also refers to the mathematical "mu" (μ), relating to the group's name.

The name was announced in early 2016 at a solo concert and left the fans upset.

It's an open secret that the band isn't as supported as sister and brother groups (like SNSD or EXO) as well as being forced to promote an experimental style. Shortly after the release of f(x)'s third album "Red Light" in July 2014 it was announced that Sulli would not take part at the promotions for health reasons (depression) which left many fans upset since it was in the middle of promotions.

SM Entertainment stated that she would take a temporary hiatus.

But Victoria for example is also increasingly paired with 2PM's "Thai prince", Nichkhun, as they were a "couple" on the popular variety program "We Got Married".

As previous mentioned fans often complained about bad promotions or rather negligence of the entertainment as well as the band being underrated because of that and their unique style.

Therefore, the other members promoted their last album in 2015 as four.

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