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In phase two, sustained operations would be conducted with Almaz OPS stations serviced by 20 tonne TKS manned resupply vehicles. The first phase would now consist of the Almaz OPS stations, visited by crews launched separately aboard 6.5 tonne Soyuz transport vehicles.In this phase the value of manned space reconnaissance and targeting would be evaluated.

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In the second phase sustained operations would be conducted with Almaz dual-docking port stations serviced by TKS manned resupply vehicles.

Almaz flights were delayed in 1970 when resources were diverted to a crash program to upstage the American Skylab.

Combat equipment included a space-to-space gun, which was tested in orbit.

In the end the station officially proved that manned systems were not a cost-effective method for space reconnaissance and targeting.

The Almaz program had its origins in 1981, when the spaceraft was originally designed as a military reconnaissance craft.

Almaz-1 was designed and manufactured and operated by NPO Machinostroenye.As with many Soviet space endeavors, the technical merits of the project are impossible to separate from the combative personalities and intense politics involved.The stations that flew were equipped with an unprecedented array of sensors for man-in-the-loop' observation and targeting of mobile ground units.Partially completed Almaz stations were outfitted as civilian Salyut space station.Almaz first phase flights finally took place in 1973-1977.Almaz Ayana won the gold in the opening track event of the Rio Olympics.

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