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The spacecraft exectuted a controlled descent over the Pacific Ocean after the maneuvering fuel was unexpectedly exhausted because of frequent orbit re-positioning due to increased solar activity.

Almaz-1 was preceded by Cosmos 1870 which succesfully carried the Almaz SAR prototype.

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Credit: © Mark Wade Vladimir Chelomei's Almaz was the only manned military spacecraft ever actually flown.

The project continued through many twists and turns over a period of 25 years.

The Almaz ("diamond") spacecraft design was based on the MIR/Salyut manned orbital station and a class of Heavy Cosmos military spacecraft (Cosmos 929).

The Almaz-1 spacecraft had two 100 m**2 solar panels and batteries to provide power.

Almaz Ayana won the gold in the opening track event of the Rio Olympics.

2015 world champion Vivian Cheruiyot finished more than 15 seconds after Ayana to earn the silver medal.

Almaz-1 also carried a radiometric scanner system (RMS) for infrared sounding of the Earth's surface.

The Almaz-1 spacecraft reentered the Earth's atmosphere on October 17, 1992 after 18 months in orbit out of an expected 30-month mission.

The Almaz program had its origins in 1981, when the spaceraft was originally designed as a military reconnaissance craft.

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