After updating kaspersky

Or, rather, they show, but attempting to use them gets you a notice advising an upgrade.

Even so, both products share a few useful features.

after updating kaspersky-17

Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti Virus managed a perfect 10 points, but earned that score against my previous collection of malware samples.

I next challenged Kaspersky by launching a collection of very recent malware-hosting URLs.

Avast and AVG managed an aggregate score of 9.2 points, while ESET took 8.8 points.

Clearly Bitdefender and Kaspersky are at the top as far as lab tests go.

I repeated that test using the commercial Kaspersky Anti-Virus and found that the addition of System Watcher (which I'll discuss below) brought that score up to 7.6 points.

Tested against the same malware collection, Emsisoft managed an impressive 9.4 of 10 possible points.Kaspersky earned the best possible score in almost every test.I have an algorithm that normalizes the various tests on a zero to 10 scale and combines them for an aggregate result.Four big buttons let you scan for malware, update the antivirus database, view security reports, and call up the on-screen keyboard.Clicking the fifth button, More Tools, brings up a menu of additional security components that I'll discuss below.Recognizing that very few people need to protect just one computer, Kaspersky's pricing now starts at .99 per year for three licenses—add and you get five licenses.

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