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Noelle Bush has made news with her struggle with drug addiction, and related arrests. That includes the post-9/11 criminal prosecutions of terror suspects that made his reputation as a hard-charger.

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His influence was credited for pushing President George W.

Bush to institute the 2007 military 'surge' in Iraq.

His administration continues to operate under a 'Bridgegate' cloud: At least two aides have been indicted in an alleged scheme to shut down lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge as political retribution for a mayor who refused to endorse the governor's re-election.

Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company, something that could provide ammunition against the Democratic Party's drive to make Hillary Clinton the first female president.

Pataki was just the third Republican governor in New York's history, winning an improbable victory over three-term incumbent Mario Cuomo in 1994.

He was known for being a rare tax-cutter in Albany and was also the sitting governor when the 9/11 terror attacks rocked New York CIty in 2001.

Not shown: five candidates at the tail end in the polls - Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Bobby Jindal and Jim Gilmore Regardless of who they are supporting for president, most Americans believe that Trump is most likely to make it to the general election.

Two in 10 voters who spoke to ABC News as part of a separate poll said they think he'll end up in the White House.

During his first term as governor, Jindal signed a science education law that requires schools to present alternatives to the theory of evolution, including religious creationism.

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