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Retrieving HTML in this manner can be very useful for things such as monitoring sites, or. However, if the server were to return plain data as text in result you could do.

Note that HTTPGet() expects a full URL that contains the protocol, server and. The previous links will retrieve an HTML string as text into the editbox of the form.

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VFP reports and present other information on the reports Moxie Objects for Visual Fox Pro 9 0 allows users to show HTML and RTF.

Moxie Objects for Visual Fox Pro 9.0 1.2 License Trial version Language English Platform windows. HTTP as only providing HTML is a mistake – any kind of data, including.

The difference is that I won't send back HTML in any of the examples here.

SMTP mail sending FTP file uploads and downloads, as well as.

Some of the labels included several different types of wine, such as merlot, chardonnay, burgundy, rose, etc.

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You have just run a query over the Web and displayed the data in a listbox with 1.

As previously stated you need to have a server in place that can actually.

Function: Returns a customer list based on the URL.

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