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There has been little recent research in the UK but such research as there has been indicates that truce terms, including some of those prevalent in the late 1950s, are still in general use.

A probable variation also appears in the 1568 manuscript Chrysts-Kirk of the Grene, sometimes attributed to James I of Scotland, as follows; The "Thoume" (thumb) that is "sklyss" (sliced) in the quote above may refer to the thumb having been raised by the man calling barlafummill, a common accompanying gesture to the use of a truce term in Scotland.

Fainites and fains (or vainites and vains) predominated in London and throughout southern England, apart from the scribs and screams of east Hampshire, and extended north as far as Olney in Buckinghamshire.

The most extensive study of the use and incidence of these terms is that undertaken by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie in the UK in their 1959 book, The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren, which mapped the use of truce terms across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Opies considered it the most important word in a schoolchild's vocabulary and one for which there was no adult equivalent.

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The use of a truce term is usually accompanied by a gesture, such as crossed fingers of one or both hands or the raising of thumbs.

In the US a T-shape made with both hands (representing time-out) has become prevalent and this gesture is also appearing in other countries.

Common examples in English speaking cultures are barley, fainites, crosses, kings and exe(s)in the United Kingdom, pegs and nibs in New Zealand and variants of barley in Australia.

In the United States, terms based on time-out have, from the 1950s onwards, largely supplanted earlier common terms based on kings and exe(s).

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