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Eckhart was engaged to actress Emily Cline, whom he met during filming of In the Company of Men, but separated from her in 1998.From 2006 to 2007, he was in a relationship with She Daisy's Kristyn Osborn.

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Born on 12th of March in the year 1968, in Cupertino, California, Aaron Edward Eckart is known as an American Film and also a stage actor. He is the son of John Conrad Eckart who was a computer executive and Mary Conrad Eckart who was a port as well as a children’s author. His father was from German ethnicity whereas her mother was of English, Scottish, Scottish-Irish and German ancestry.

He was grown up as a member of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ and also served a 2-year LDS mission in Switzerland and France. After several years, he started his career in acting by performing in various plays in schools before he moved to Sydney for his high school senior year.

“Yesterday, I was doing some shopping and I had to tear myself away from getting a large pizza,” he says.

“I literally had to wrench myself out of the pizza place.

Eckhart was born in Cupertino, California, and is the youngest of three sons born to Mary Eckhart, a poet and children's author, and James C. His brothers are James Lawrence Eckhart (born 1963) and Adam Eckhart (born 1966).

Eckhart was raised as a Mormon in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.“We’re kind of the next chapter in terms of what would happen if he were roaming the Earth forever. Although Eckhart says, “I haven’t been to the gym in years,” don’t think he hasn’t suffered for his art.How does a man who’s been cast out by his father, called an abortion — an aberration — now trust somebody? “I work out every morning — I throw rocks and dig holes and jump over stuff [and] I’m also a road cyclist.” He also quit cigars this year after coming down with pneumonia — ironic, given that one of his most lauded performances was as a tobacco lobbyist in “Thank You For Smoking.” And then there’s his diet.“You just gotta take it really seriously, which I did,” says Eckhart. People like Chris [Nolan] taking the initiative or making the decision to say, ‘Okay, this is about real crap.’” These days, Eckhart is also thinking a lot about the messages that his movies send to young kids, which raises the question of whether the bachelor is finally considering a family of his own. “I think the next step for me is to emancipate myself from [being a] for-hire actor.“It’s like ‘Batman.’ You know, some are more campy than others. “Yeah, I’m sitting on my ranch in Montana and I’m saying, ‘I have to.’ I do want to have kids,” he says. I’d like to be developing and directing my own movies, and doing what I want to do — and maybe have started a family,” he says.He revealed the fact that he initially wanted to become a songwriter in an interview. Thousands of people shower their love for him in his twitter account whereas he also uploads his sexy shirtless pictures for his fans and followers. With his successful wiki filled with movies, he has earned a net worth of million dollars.

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