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The only way a trained eye could distinguish the real deal from the phony baloney was by the presence of a darn near microscopic “VC” Virtual Cupid logo.

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4–5; he believes that the ‘Handbook’ existed in short (four-part) and long (six-part) versions ‘probably not stages of one man's composition, but of the progressive accumulation of relevant texts’.

The relationship of the third and fifth parts is imperfect, but even so the four-part ‘short’ version is a satisfactory handbook of penance, if not evolved to its final stage. 84.; with the Pontifical taken as tenth-rather than eighth-century evidence, all references to public penance cited by Bethurum are tenth-century and not earlier.

I would like to acknowledge the helpful suggestions of David Dumville, Franz Josef Kerff and Michael Lapidge.

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Whether this material should be called ‘literature’ is an open question, but certainly its relevance to penitential themes in Old English poetry needs to be examined. 36–9; Oakley believed that penitentials urging the priest to adjust penances to the physical condition of the penitent were continental, but this form of discretion is found also in early Irish handbooks. The most complete survey of the manuscript tradition, and the most recent edition, is Ibid. 419, where ‘de parricidiis vel fratricidiis’ constitutes the third chapter of the Penitential; the chapter is omitted from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 718 (s. diss., Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, 1979; publication is planned); it is also ptd , pp.

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