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When officers found the marijuana, Leary was arrested and convicted of possession under the Marihuana Tax Stamp Act. In a unanimous decision, the Marihuana Tax Stamp Act was struck down as an unconstitutional tax.

Leary challenged the conviction and his case made its way to the U. But President Richard Nixon and Congress had seen the ruling coming miles away and set about carefully building the now-familiar modern structure for criminal prohibition: the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Today, you can find 420 friendly vending machines, 420 friendly magazines, 420 conventions like Kush Expo, Hemp Con Medical Marijuana Show and in Canada, the Vancouver Cannamed Fair Expo.

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In his tenure, Anslinger brought together a strange mix of businesses, law enforcement, and political groups who sought the passage of a law that put marijuana cultivation, sale, and consumption under the complete purview of law enforcement.

The law and the lobbying to support it were infamously more about persecuting nonwhite citizens than they were about cannabis. Congress heard just nine hours of testimony, in which only the American Medical Association offered passionate opposition.

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