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It takes Vinnie — accompanied by his sidekick Harper — approximately two seconds to tuck into them once the teacher’s back is turned, sucking chocolate off them pretty much one by one.

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It’s not difficult to do that: Ada proves more than a match for her peers throughout the mischief and mayhem that ensues, and by the end of the week she had become firm friends with a little boy named Tomas (in one moving segment, Tomas encourages a reluctant Ada to stroke one of the pet rabbits installed in the nursery).‘She really enjoyed it,’ confirms dad, Matt.‘She would wake up each morning asking if she could put on her microphone belt and go straight back in there.’As with previous series, the children enjoy supervised play but are also given tasks to test their boundaries — revealing iron self-discipline in some and a comedic lack of willpower in others.

Take this year’s exercise, in which four of the children are asked to decorate strawberries with some mouthwatering melted chocolate — the challenge being that they then have to set their efforts aside to be eaten by the whole class at break time.

‘We take our girlfriends out for a date, we get them flowers.’Harper’s ‘girlfriend’ is a young brunette called Ariana — the deal seems to have been sealed when Harper drew her a love heart — although, of course, matters of the heart are never straightforward.

In this case, Harper’s affection for Ariana is a blow for Noah who wants Harper all to himself.

‘I don’t know why Harper wants one.’But neuroscientist Dr Sam Wass, one of the expert commentators on the programme, explains that this is all part of the charm for viewers.‘We’ve consciously set out to find elements of ourselves that we recognise in these children,’ he says.

‘We show the similarities between how adults and children experience the world, and we point to their behaviours — like the urge to be centre of attention or to yearn for someone just because they’re unavailable — that children show but adults still show, too.

The other children, meanwhile, seem entirely unaware that she is any different — a lesson for many grown-ups about the perils of judgment and preconceptions.

Also among this year’s cast are cheeky scamp Vinnie, self-proclaimed ‘top geezer’ Harper, adorable redhead Patsy and dinosaur fanatic Noah.

‘If it comes back, her best options are some very heavy treatments and there is no guarantee that the NHS will fund them,’ Jennifer says.

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