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"Our first project, we saved a supermarket 0,000 in a year." The supersimple concept--adding nighttime covers for refrigerator cases, replacing lights with LEDs, and switching out ancient fan motors for efficient models--took off.The company has completed 3,000 energy overhauls over the past five years.

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Above, a group of employees is pictured volunteering at a community garden on Earth Day.

Fun fact: Each of the four founders is of Dominican descent.

Bonus fact: The founders hired their first employee through Linked In. Neighborhood: The Bronx Why they NY: "About 60 percent of our employees are based in the Bronx, so it's convenient," says Reynoso.

"We do business in all five boroughs, Connecticut, and New Jersey--and our location gives us easy access via highway to everywhere in the region." Inc.

Two of these businesses would likely not exist without social media.

These are New York's fastest-growing young companies.

Two are trying to take a bite out of Madison Avenue.

Three are fresh spins on old hospitality industries.

Neighborhood: Union Square, which is pictured above.

(IAS is moving to the West Village this year.)Why they NY: "First of all, this is where the largest marketing budgets are," Knoll says.

"It's a city where, if you really have your goal set on something, nothing is unreachable.

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