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"You can't have mail trucks coming in and out of Manhattan; it would be a mess," Leptourgos says. 500 rank: 76Three-year revenue growth: 4,146 percent Founder: Eli Ostreicher (pictured at left)Year founded: 2006Employees: 132Humble beginnings: "I was 22 years old at the time, I lived in Miami, and it started from my bedroom, and my first client was my uncle," says Ostreicher of his now-booming luxury travel business."Slowly, word got around."Claim to fame: Customers include Rolex, Berkshire Hathaway, and the band Maroon 5.

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500 rank: 65Three-year revenue growth: 4,737 percent Founder: Will Dean Year founded: 2009Employees: 143The game plan: Dean drew up plans for Tough Mudder while attending Harvard Business School, and started bootstrapping the event company, which hosts extreme runs through inventive--and curse-inducing--obstacles, upon graduation.

With just $8,000, he marketed the first Tough Mudder event on Facebook.

500 rank: 84Three-year revenue growth: 4,011 percent Founders: Andreas Leptourgos and Steven Francess Year founded: 2009Employees: 12Light bulb moment: "We were both working in finance in New York City when we realized, for selling used electronics, e Bay and Craigslist don't make any sense," Leptourgos says.

"To use them, you have to, like, meet a stranger in a parking lot.

More than 4,500 people signed up, and a company was born.

From there, "it went gangbusters," says Alex Patterson, Tough Mudder's vice president of brand.

Above, a group of employees is pictured volunteering at a community garden on Earth Day.

Fun fact: Each of the four founders is of Dominican descent.

"Our first project, we saved a supermarket 0,000 in a year." The supersimple concept--adding nighttime covers for refrigerator cases, replacing lights with LEDs, and switching out ancient fan motors for efficient models--took off.

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