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This clock for site has a very eye-catching design, which is similar to moon calendar and has light-blue Roman numerals which give its appearance ancient and mysterious look.They will easily feet the interior of the desktop and can be placed in any part of the monitor.

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You don't have to install aclock or calendar separately on your web page or blog.

All you need is to incorporate the HTML code of this gadget to that of your own web page and enjoy the results. For instance, you can easily change the color background. It is also possible to fit the wdget to the web page changing its width.

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You can receive the widget's code following the link below. It is pretty and at the same time very useful thing for the everyday life. This widget is familiar to and ordinary paper calendar, which we can meet practically on every office table.

Due to its blue color this widget looks really attractive.

This clock for site has a shape of star while black and read colors can give you a real boost of energy during working process. This clock is transparent and therefore it will fit well into the style of your website and the red and green colors clearly will complement the design of the widget itself.

From the other hand it is hard to imagine our life without clock, isn’t it? Especially beautiful it will look on a dark background with some figures.

Only the most basic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Place our free mortgage calculator on your sites using any of the following formats.

We offer static text links, images, and fully functional calculators that you can embed in your website - including raw HTML, javascript, and Wordpress Widgets.

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