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With Spark there aren’t any sound options to choose from for your notifications, there isn’t even an email setting to receive notifications when you’re away.

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Setting up Spark beings with signing in with a work email, which will designate you to any already created rooms or start new ones if you’re the first.

Unlike Slack which has Teams, and then Rooms inside the team to designate different chat spaces, Spark just allows you to manage different rooms.

The almost all white design with minimal functions allows for an easier to read app, but I found myself getting even more lost than Slack.

Labels are clear, and room designations are standard circles that house coworker’s pictures but with each a panel separated with only a very thin gray border your eye doesn’t know where they end and start.

: Slack – With next to zero customization options, Spark just doesn’t hold up.

If you’re all about making the space your own, and don’t mind taking the time to set everything up just right Slack is the clear winner.If you’re at your computer both programs will give you a nice desktop notification.If you’re at your phone, both will give you a nice push notification (which you can turn off if you’d like).Where Slack lets you have standard one on one direct messages designated as such, Spark’s 1-to-1 rooms are treated, and started, in the same way as larger rooms.Anytime you want to start a new room in Spark, you are asked to name the room and enter the email addresses of those you want to invite.Cisco, with an established control over UC, decided to jump in the ring and offer its own messaging and meeting platform.

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