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How Spark looks is pretty much how it’s going to stay.You’re given the option to rename rooms, but they cannot be dragged around to reorganize.

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Content is always the white section, and your list of rooms is always in the dark section on the left.

Its just easier for your eye to read and understand where everything is.

Cisco, with an established control over UC, decided to jump in the ring and offer its own messaging and meeting platform.

They may not seem like direct competitors right away, but it’s clear that Slack is trying to move into the Enterprise space, and Cisco is trying to regain some ground with Spark. But where Slack strives to break the boundaries on form, its competitors like Spark seem to hone down a bit more on the functionality.

If you’re at your computer both programs will give you a nice desktop notification.

If you’re at your phone, both will give you a nice push notification (which you can turn off if you’d like).

Common among messaging apps, a left, collapsible panel designates your chat options between rooms, 1-to-1 messages, video calls and a mention section that houses easy access to every mention of your name in Spark.

Next to your chat options is a list of your available rooms, a white middle panel that holds content, and a far right expandable panel that contains even further content options and information for your specific room.

Although it can prove to be difficult to tell how accurate the system is, I didn’t have much trouble with it through my testing.

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