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Not only it does allows you to take great pictures, you can also try your talents with video.Since the camera features an HD resolution, you may want to try it out.

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Especially if you like to shoot indoors or you are curious about trying your luck with video.

The Canon IXUS has a price that can vary among its different color presentations, but it’s always under £100.

Check Price Nikon make some great little cameras in their less expensive ranges and the A300 is no exception.

This affordable compact camera has a resolution of 20.1MP and an 8X optical zoom.

One of the main differences is its sensor which is 16MP – but a lower resolution does not mean less quality image.

In fact, its image processor, the Digic 4 is a proof of that.However, just like the IXUS 150, it has the option of recording HD video, so you have a wider amount of features you can take advantage of.Despite being a camera also aimed at beginners, it includes several creative filters for your photographs.It has different filters for both shooting and recording.But besides being a fun camera, there’s a serious quality that is not sacrificed upon size or speed.If you want to capture something extra special, the camera has a built in 360 degree panorama mode – a common feature on more expensive smartphones, but rarer on compact and bridge cameras.

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