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She was an acquaintance of my ex-girlfriend and we were an early adopter of “Internet dating” using AOL Instant Messenger with our colleges being eight miles apart. We’ve lived in both rural and urban areas with my job (4 total locations) and prefer the urban environment.

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That’s a heck of a living for a business degree from a low-level state college.

Our income is primarily from my job and we’ve received zero inheritance.

My wife took a career-break from being a veterinarian which has turned into early retirement.

This question is why I was really excited to see this interview series and wanted to chime in.

We spent the first three years of my career in a small town and nearly broke, with me earning an entry level, rural banker’s salary and my wife in veterinary school.

We got by, I carried all the living expenses and used student loan debt for school.Instead of jumping companies, I chose to be geographically mobile and figure out who the really smart people are in my company and befriend them.I didn’t befriend them as being “that guy” on the golf course or going out drinking until all hours of the night, I would ask them for their advice, act on it, then show appreciation. Three years into my career I knew (and was advised) that I needed to get to an urban environment to learn, so one of these mentors connected me with a great boss.Now I’m almost four years into leadership and it’s added another 0,000 to my total compensation.If I say in my current role, compensation starts flattening out between 0,000 and 0,000.I worked there for seven years and then followed another up and coming leader in the company for another geographic move.

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