100 millionaire dating

She was an acquaintance of my ex-girlfriend and we were an early adopter of “Internet dating” using AOL Instant Messenger with our colleges being eight miles apart. We’ve lived in both rural and urban areas with my job (4 total locations) and prefer the urban environment.

It’s a lot better for my career and earning potential to live an urban area, even when accounting for the higher cost of living/housing costs.

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The person who comes in early and stays late in their 20s gets noticed quickly if with the right leaders.

I also found out that entrepreneurs really value seeing their “banker” hustle as hard as they hustled in building their business.

Our current mortgage payment with escrows is $3,725/mo, with $1250 of that being the property tax escrow.

In exchange my commute is less than 10 minutes and I get to read/write with a cup of coffee in the morning instead of being stuck in horrible traffic.

I work in banking, specifically for a regional bank making loans to privately held businesses.

I now lead a team of nine people and have been doing that for the past three years.My questions are in bold italics and his responses follow in black. I technically married an older woman, but only by three months.We met at eighteen, married at 22, and have been happily together since.It turned out clients had the same perspective of my industry as I did, lazy.This got my compensation up in my late 20s and afforded me a leadership opportunity at 31.We aren’t misers, I own a truck, we have cable television, and we take nice trips and like going to live sporting events.

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